How to get telemarketers to call me


I know this is a strange one but I would like to receive some calls from telemarketers. I never seem to get any.

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Please stay in your current location and call emergency services. I think you might have ingested a poison.


This is a legitimate request for a test. snarky replies not welcome

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Fine, post your phone number here and I’m sure we can arrange for a bunch of junk calls!

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Nice try. A little digging tells me this is owned by a business and based on the name it’s probably not yours. Trying to annoy your enemy?


It’s my number.

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OK then, serious question. What have you tried so far in order to get your number into telemarketers’ hands? People normally avoid giving out their phone number to any place that might use it for marketing. Are you specifically looking for robo-calls (junk) or actual telemarketing, which would include real companies reaching out to you to sell something?


What did you use for your research?


Doing research. Haven’t tried anything before.


Let your number be known to any PAC or Church, buy medications from an off shore pharmacy.


A few suggestions:

Try .

Get a number from AT&T and port it out. See my review .

Providers that allow you to select numbers from their inventory often have a few from an ILEC’s NXX (they were ported to the provider and then abandoned). These usually get a heavy dose of spam.

Some providers have numbers with a very low MRC. For example
is $0.06/mo. + $0.002/call + $0.0003/min. With e.g. 100 numbers from various cities, you should have a reliable source of spam for probably less than $10/mo.

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This thread has a whiff of the sub-bridge dweller to it, but I’ve overruled the flags for now. I’ve blocked the DID since there’s no way to prove ownership or sincerity of the endeavour.

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LOL. I prefer to avoid them rather than waiting for them to call me. :smile: How if you try to post/register your number to many websites, so that the chance your numbers will be sold will be higher. I read this from many reports filed by people at sites like Maybe you want to try it.


As of July 1 in NANP land, by law you should be able to examine the new SIP ‘ID’ header that will grade the call A to C by which you can route your calls

( I am a little skeptic here as all the major players have filed with the FCC for a ‘extension’ )


How does this work? Reference?


No, there will be a new SIP ‘ID’ header in your VSP’s INVITE that includes a base64 encoded json entity that will contain a full on certificate chain and when decoded will provide a referential grade A to C.

If you client honors that then it will filter as appropriate A ‘good’, B ‘if you say so’, C ‘pretty well crap’ (but as you now have the public cert(s) you can do your own checks)

You wont have to worry about it in Cambodia, in the 805 area code, Maybe

(coincidentally we have a lovely IPA in my locale named 805, if you want to buy me one feel free :slight_smile: )

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If you wish to be contacted, then consider signing up at e-toro .com and / or tradeo .com or any other trading platform you can find for yourself. If you do, then you’re on to something! Then you’re in the system! :slight_smile: