How to get it louder?

Hello all !

Is it possible to make the voice louder ? external parties often tell us that the sound isn’t loud enought (calls are made with a sip trunk and g729).

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If they outside callers are calling in on Zap hardware, there is volume control in zapata.conf

rxgain= ;incoming caller volume
txgain= ;outbound volume

Both of these are originally set to 0.

Raise the gains a little at a time and make some test calls.

Hello John,

thanks a lot for your feedback !

The calls are made with a sip trunk, not with a sap hardware. Do you have any idea how to make louder the outboud volume in this case?

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You should be able to adjust the volume on the handset of each phone. Also, take a look at what codec you are using. That might make a difference. Some of the low bandwidth codecs might have a softer volume than ulaw or alaw.

Just a guess.

Hello jmullinix,

yes you are right, I use g729 and I this makes the volum go down. I am already at the maximum on the softphones’ volume. Is there nothing that I could do in asterisk in order to make the outgoing voice louder ?

Thanks a lot for any further suggestion !


I don’t have any other ideas unfortunately. If you have the hardware microphone turned up on your computer and also turned up on the softphone, I have no other solutions.

Let us know if you discover something.

ok, I will !

Thanks a lot for your kind support !


Here’s the feedback from the asterisk forum :