How to get Home2FreePBX


We have couple of Freepbx old version which we need to upgraded to current version. I read in couple of articles we can get upgrade done with Home2FreePBX tool. But i am not able to find this tool on Freepbx site. Please advice how to get this tool.

It was shut down in September of 2020.

You can either try to upgrade, if you can. Or restore a backup to a v15 machine.

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Can we restore v13 backup on v15?

In most cases, yes. Do a module upgrade on the v13 machine to the best of your ability to get the most current v13 modules. Then run the FreePBX backup. Transfer the backup to a local PC for storage.

When you spin up the v15 machine, the backup should restore. The CDR data was a problem due to changes in the database and I believe that was addressed in the v15 backup restore function. On the v15 backup restore page after uploading the legacy backup, there is a button that says something like “Restore withLegacy CDR.” That should get the CDR data imported.

In any case, I’d put the v15 on a new machine or in the cloud and try the restore before tearing down the old v13 machine. I would not recommend doing an in-place upgrade under any circumstance.


Here is a link to another FreePBX discussion about this: Trying backup and restore freepbx 13 to 15 for first time

@kenn10 thank you for reply. I will try that path. When try to upgrade module from module Admin —> check online…I am getting error

trim() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given

Please advice how to fix it.

@kenn10 for this upgrade which version of FreePBX need to be selected


I just did this for a client server, couldn’t upgrade through the traditional process (wasted a couple hours) so did a full backup and restored right to a 16 box. ( I did keep the old one running just in case)

There are always a couple of settings you may have to check/play with, but overall this is the least painful way to upgrade it.

When try to restore backup of v13 on v15 it stuck at 16.67%. Do you know what could be the problem?

pbx version is


Able to restore using command line

fwconsole backup --restore “file path”

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