How to get FreePBX to work with Cisco 7960


First, I would like to say that I didn’t do this by myself. I got a lot of incite of what settings needed to be where with the following web pages:

(deleted external links - Skyking)

There are a few more and as I find them I will add the URL’s bellow as I remember. This is just combining all the resources above and putting it in one place.

This is what worked for me. It may not work for you.

I did a fresh install. ( W/ Ast. 11) I wanted to make sure everything was at default. It may not be necessary.

First, I updated my phone to P003-8-12
A couple of things to note:
-This makes your phone become a “dummy” phone, it will look for what kind of phone it needs to be instead of one or another (SIP/Skinny)…
-It needs more config files than normal
-it helps to have a router that will point the phone to the right tftp server. I have pfsense.
-use DHCP… it is much easier.

First install SolarWinds TFTP Server on your computer.
It is easier to change files on the fly editing them on your computer than changing them on the server.

Make or grab the right files:

Where mac = the phones mac address in caps

Make sure you have common extensions viewing enabled on your computer. sometimes the computer puts an additional .txt or whatever on a file w/o you seeing it making it impossible for the phone to see the right files.

The binaries are easy to get. google

Here is what is in OS79XX.txt:


Here is what is in SEPmac.cnf.xml:


Here is what is in SIPmac.cnf:

image_version: P0S3-8-12-00
line1_name: 1000 ; I made them all the same just for sure
line1_authname: “1000” ; the name of your line in freePBX
line1_shortname: “Line 1” ; displayed on the phone
line1_password: “1234” ; freePBX secret
line1_displayname: “name”; the caller id
proxy1_port: 5060
proxy1_address: 192.168.x.x ; server ip address

Phone Label (Text desired to be displayed in upper right corner)

phone_label: "room " ; add a space at the end, looks neater
phone_password: “cisco” ; Limited to 31 characters (Default - cisco)
user_info: none
telnet_level: 2

Here is what is in SIPDefault.cnf:

image_version: P0S3-8-12-00
proxy1_address: “192.168.x.x” ; Can be dotted IP or FQDN
proxy2_address: “” ; Can be dotted IP or FQDN
proxy3_address: “” ; Can be dotted IP or FQDN
proxy4_address: “” ; Can be dotted IP or FQDN
proxy5_address: “” ; Can be dotted IP or FQDN
proxy6_address: “” ; Can be dotted IP or FQDN
proxy_register: 1
messages_uri: “*97” ; voice mail
phone_password: “cisco” ; Limited to 31 characters (Default - cisco)
sntp_mode: unicast
sntp_server: “” ; this is right for my time zone
time_zone: “EST” ; assuming you’re in ESt
time_format_24hr: 0 ; to show the time in 12hour format 1 for 24
date_format: “D/M/Y” ; format you would like the date in
dial_template: dialplan
logo_url: “http://192.168.x.x/phone/logo.bmp” ; make sure it is in 16 bit bmp file

Here is what is in xmlDefault.CNF.XML:




Here is what is in Dialplan.xml:

This will get you up and running.
I am still in the process of tweaking my setup.

Start up the TFTP program and have it setup to have these files in the directory. Make sure your router is pointing to the tftp server.

power on the phone. You will see it pass vlan, configure IP, the it will see the TFTP server. The debug/status window is your friend now. It will tell you if it is looking for the right files and if it found them or not.

If it went all well, the phone in a few minutes will be up and running.

There are a few settings that need to me made to the server side:
nat -no
qualify -yes
canreinvite -no
type -friend

I thinks that is it. If you have questions, let me know bellow. I may have been unclear about something.

HELP! I can't get my Cisco CP-7960G IP hardphone to register on my Asterisk VoIP IP PBX SIP Server with FreePBX GUI

Hi - Thanks for the write up but this is very old information. I also deleted your external links as they are not allowed.

This phone is supported by both the commercial and open source Endpoint managers.


“very old” info that when asked for by multiple members there was NO answer given. Also, no web page had the “complete” answer.


That’s because it is in the wiki how to use the endpoint manager.

You did this the hard way and we do not approve of using PC procedures. The distro comes with a functioning tftp server and a way to provising the phones.

Any reason why you did not use the EPM (or commercial EPM)?

Also obtaining Cisco firmware is somewhat of a clandestine venture that we can’t allow procedures to be posted to access code that is not in the public domain.


On your forum and multiple other locations it states to use SIP instead of skinny with Asterisk. That is why I didn’t use the endpoint manager. It is also unsupported phone with the EPM. The TFTP program is used for debugging. It is MUCH faster to edit files on windows then on the server.

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