How to get computer to tell when a VoIP call is coming in?

I am interested in creating an application that utlizes our FreePBX/VoIP system.

The company I intern for is starting to use a CRM software called ZenDesk. We would like it to generate a ticket and auto populate some information every time a support tech gets a phone call. I’ve become familiar with their API and feel comfortable with it, but was wondering if FreePBX has some sort of API equivalent utility.

In other words,

How can I get the computer to tell when a VoIP call is coming in?
How do I sniff it for its phone number?

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CallerID Superfecta, Send to URL will prob do what you need.

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Look and see if this might be a start to what you are trying to do:

Asterisk CTI interface program

You can also take a look at the VTiger Asterisk integration programs to see what they are doing.

The problem I have with most of these incoming CRM connectors is that they insist on opening a new window for each call, which can be kind of a pain.


VTiger Asterisk Integration is not something I would like to use. Firstly, it’s too broad of a solution. While it could most likely achieve my objective, it would require some twisting/modifying - and using many intermeditary steps. I would likely have to pay for it/additional features from it, and I believe the way to get it talking to my CRM software would be Zapier - which would be another service I would have to pay for. Overall, VTiger is not a route I want to go down.

As for the Asterisk CTI interface program, it seems to be a very interesting program. While useful, I’m not sure it targets our specific needs. To be exact: I think we would run into the same issue of: “How do we integrate it with our CRM (ZenDesk) Software?”.

My biggest problem with these connectors is that you always have to go through multiple services, and they are vastly overpriced. My dream would be a simple program that is based of FreePBX, and can send out meaningful data which ZenDesk can listen to.

I think Igaetz is on the right track, but I will have to research it more. It looks like this is what I would want to do, but I have to figure out if the programming is feasible for me to do: post #29557.

Searches sugarCRM

Sends data out to pushbullet

Many other examples

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Another Option is NCID Network Caller ID

It is a client/server that works great we use it to popup on our live tv it also and different clients and some even have tts works on most systems linux/windows and even android
its easy to get the server to send the cid data to just about any source!
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