How to get a public IP for freepbx?

I’m trying to setup a phone system for me and my friend but we live in different places with different networks. I used to have a hosted Freepbx through a company that had an ip that was public and any computer with internet could login. Ex. ( I’m want to set that up again so our ip phones can be on two different networks. Right now it has a local IP Ex. ( . How can I get a public IP? Please Help!

If you don’t have a static IP, you can purchase the SysAdmin Pro module, which will provide you with a Dynamic DNS service, which will keep your dynamic IP addresses, updated and allow you to access via a consistent URL.

I have a static ip but its local.

As Preston said a dynamic DNS service is what you will want, as more than likely your IP isn’t static its DHCP from your Internet Service Provider. If you want to know what your current public IP address is go to you will need to forward the necessary ports in your router to your PBX server. Typically 5060 and 10000-20000.