How to get *60 to work with any number - 853-xxxx


I am only using FreePBX as a hobby. I made a closed system payphone with a Raspberry Pi attached - no outside dialing at all. I have clips from various things when you call specific numbers - Deep Thoughts(411), Moe’s Tavern prank calls from The Simpsons, 8675309/Jenny, Lily Tomlin (Operator), et cetera.

This group previously instructed me how to call the built in Time feature (*60). However, when I was a kid, although time was officially 853-1212, I could call any number I wanted after the 853 – 853-1234, 853-9276, et cetera. Is there a function available so I can set up FreePBX to do the same, call 853-xxxx and get the build in Time feature (*60)?


Change the code from *60 to 853

I think it would need to have a final !

Thanks for the suggestions.
I currently have 853-1212 set up as an extension. When you dial that extension, it does Feature Code Admin <*60>. Works great for the one number. However, I’m not sure how to implement either recommendation listed above.

I cannot change <*60> to 853 - or more likely I do not know how.

I’m not sure where to put the exclamation point - When I put the ! in the Extension number, I get the error code, “Please enter a valid extension number.” I tried to change the “Edit Extension” to “CUSTOM/853!”, but that didn’t do it either.

I’m guessing I need to tackle this in a different way than just setting up an Extension, but I have no idea what to do. Again, I appreciate the help. Thank you in advance!

Okay. I changed *60 to 853 in Feature Codes, but that didn’t do it. I’m sure it’s something simple. Any other thoughts?

Here’s some screenshots of my system:

The Asterisk dial pattern that would allow you to dial any 7 digit string starting with 853 would be


Due to input validation constraints, you can’t set the feature code for speaking clock direcftly to that string, but you can do it by creating a Misc Application. The following MIsc App config will do what you’re looking for:

If you’re on a PI you may have to install the module first.

Thank you Lorne! That worked perfectly! Exactly what I needed. :grinning:

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