How to forward Incoming call to SIP trunk

Hi All,

I am very much confused, how can i route an DID incoming call to a SIP trunk to get answered on the different PBX server where the agents are logged in.

Myn have E1 and want to forward one DID call to second server to get answered.

Have already configured the SIP trunk between the both the box and internal extension to extension call working fine.

Please help it would be a great help to me as i am stuck from couple of days.


Well certainly nothing will be wasted as you have put no effort into your question.

What Asterisk and FreePBX are you running?

Have you purchased an E1 interface card for the computer running Asterisk/FreePBX

Have you considered that all you need is a gateway, a Cisco router with en E1 voice interface will do exactly what you want.


I have E1 Card, PC Installed with Freepbx 2.5., MPLS Link Iworking properly.

The only search is for an option to forward incoming DID call to SIP trunk. Which is not available i think. But i will find it out definately.

Do you know? pls advise because i have those who is required. I hope it’s sufficient and by the way it’s not your call it is mine call.

More to clear you i wish to use Freepbx as SIP gateway.

PLS advise.


I want to convert the E1 call into IP and transfer to another pbx via SIP trunk.

PLs advise.

I have a similar issue. I’m currently on:

Freepbx 2.9.0 Beta 1
Asterisk 1.8.3

I have things set up pretty good right now, with 2 extensions, 1 IVR and 2 SIP (Gvoice trunks).

Inbound calls on Trunk 1 get routed to extension 1000.
Inbound calls on Trunk 2 get routed to the IVR 100.
IVR 100 provides ability to route call to:

  • (1) extension 1001
  • (2) try cell phone

Calls can be made and received with no problem over each trunk and to each extension, however, the issue I have is that when the user selects option (2) and they are not called into the IVR from either extension 1000 or 1001, the call fails.

I believe the issue is that the call is not forwarded to a particular trunk as there are no outbound routes for the call originator. E.g. if Bob calls from 16171231234 and presses option 2, there is no outbound route for 16171231234 for Trunk 2.

I also have the same issue when I enable Call Forward from Extension 1001.

Any thoughts or pointers would be most appreciated. I’ve tried googling and not found anything to help (surprisingly).