How to forward inbound number to another inbound number from different providers


I have two external inbound numbers from different providers.We’re using one of them with our FreePBX server and i received calls from it.But now i should forward the second inbound number to the first one.Is it possible to do that?Right now i have only one sip trunk from the first provider to my PBX, and im not sure how to forward the other number to the first one?I asked the support of the provider and they told me that i have to make changes on my system.
The scheme should be smth like that:
First provider(XXXXXXXXXX) -> My FreePBX
Second provider(XXXXXXXXXX) ->First provider(XXXXXXXXXX)

Any feedback is appreciated.

If you don’t have the second provider configured for incoming calls on the PBX, then there’s no way of doing so on the PBX as the call never reaches the PBX. If you do, then just point it to the same place as the first DID is pointing to.

Thank you for your feedback!
I did what you suggest but now the provider when he tried to test the number, he received error 408 - connection timeout.

What did you do, and who is the he?

I setup sip trunk and then asked the provider(he) to test if the number will reach our pbx, and the response was 408, i checked that i should enable sip debug and maybe output the log to wireshark.

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