How to forward calls to external number at the end of day - random times

Hey guys, our office closes at different times all the time, so I would like to forward the incoming calls from any extension via dialing a code for example.

Is there a way that from any extension, type a code say #XXX and direct all calls to an external number?

We do not have a IVR, its just a ring group that receives incoming calls and directs them to a few extensions.

I know that I could do this with a set schedule, but because we dont have it, this is a must.

Any help will be appreciated.


Setup an extension or misc destination with the external number, then setup a Call Flow Control, set normal flow to the ring group, override to the ext or misc dest, (you can optionally set a password as well) once you click submit you should see the feature code of the newly created CFC.
Now point your inbound route to this CFC.

So at the end of the day, you just dial the feature code and it will set to ring the external number instead of the ring group. If you set a password, you will be required to enter the password in order to override it.

You can also set the feature code as a BLF key so you can monitor the status of this CFC.

You can also set up a schedule… we do that with our automotive claims department… at 5 p.m, it just starts ringing the cell phone instead. Whoever is “on call” just takes the cell phone with them.

There are a hundred variations on this because there are so many ways to set up an automated call forwarding. Call Flow Control, Day/Night mode, adding extensions/cell phones to your ring groups, setting up new extensions, adding miscellaneous destinations, etc.

If you look back through the forums, you’ll see that this topic comes up at least twice a month, and it seems like the creative of this crowd is inexhaustable.

Thank you PitzKey, I will give this a try shortly.

PitzKey, I followed your method and it worked like a charm!

Thank you so much for you time and help.


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Greg, the problem is that the times are at random and the end users may vary, so I needed a code specifically, so I wouldnt allow my users to go to the admin settings and mess with the Time Conditions and things like that.

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