How to forward an extension to a time condition

i want to setup an internal number that forwards to a time condition. It is easy to do this with an external number using inbound routes but I can’t find a way to do it using a local extension/number.

Can someone suggest a solution please?



What I ended up doing is creating a Queue, with a dummy(non existing agent). One cannot join the queue if empty and then it fails over to my time condition.



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yes but is time condition. so after 4.5 minutes the actual call in extension 1001. goes to park slot and then after 15 minutes return the call to 1001

the call park can be configured to return the call to origin after 15 sec
but I need a trigger that when 4.5 minutes arrive then send to parkslot.
i dont know how to achive this. I think I will need zdummy but i dont know for sure how to config this

and by the way. blind transfer works fine for internal extensions. but when i have a external call in a extension. i can not dial the blind transfer code.
it only works with internal no with external calls


Have you tried setting up the local number as a misc application?
Description ==> Name/Description for your special extension
Feature code ==> extension to create
Status ==> Enabled.

Below that, you can pick a destination, same options as with inbound route.

Bye, Martin

I have a extension which has a gsm gateway

I need that incoming calls to this extension (1001) last less than 5 minutes. then send it to park slot and then after 15 secons return to the original extension that is 1001 (gsm gateway) that way doing this loop. the calls to my cellular are free since only first 5 minutes are free.

it it possible ???