How to forward a call from one extension to another automaticly

Recently we begin to work with freepbx. We made extensions, IVR etc.

The problem here is because our communication department made new presentation cards using the old extensions numbers. So, my new extension is 2745, but the customer has in the presentation card the old number (110)

The thing that I need to do is when a customer calls to 110 extension, freepbx forward this call to my real extension (2475) automaticly.

Sorry, I know that my english is bad, but I´m learning =)


1 Create a custom extention (110) Just make a basic extension. About halfway down the extention setup page, you will see a box marked “This device uses custom technology.”

In that section there is a box labeled “Dial”. In that box enter SIP/2475.

After you save and commit the changes, whenever some dials 110, 2475 should ring.


Thanks for your help. Now everything is working perfectly. You saved me