How to force license to refresh

I registered my PBX for the 1 year free Extension Routing module online (did the checkout for $0.00, etc) and my PBX still shows “Extension Routes is not registered”. Is there a way to refresh this? I tried disabling the module, reloading, re-enabling and reloading again and this didn’t do the trick.

You should be able to follow the wiki at

Thank you for the suggestion but I’ve tried that already and it doesn’t work. The Activation admin shows only ‘Sys Admin’ as a registered module and no amount of clicking ‘Update Activation’ changes that.

Have you checked with Sangoma Support through a ticket? I’m pretty sure they know how to do this.

Not yet, I opted to try here first so as not to open a ticket unnecessarily if it was an easy fix.

My guess, you assigned it to a wrong deployment.

Not according to the ID’s that are listed. It doesn’t appear there are any free options for opening a ticket, am I missing something?

Support ticket of type Customer Service & Billing should work if you can’t open a commercial module ticket.

Igaetz, thank you for both the information and the moderation of this topic, it was starting to veer into an ugly direction and it’s a credit to you and your company that you moderated it so quickly.

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