How-To: Find Me / Follow Me (combined with time conditions) [solved]

Hi SangomaOS Team:

We are using one of the latest releases of SangomaOS.
Built from .ISO

Is the below possible, or do you have any thoughts/tips

Say your extensions (most of them) are using “find me / follow me”
After 20 secs: incoming calls to an endpoint: then go out to a “cell phone”. This is working correctly now.

What we would like:
Have the FM/FM work like it is now, but after 5 PM PT, no FM/FM.
This way, after 5 PM, incoming calls to the extensions do not go out to the staff’s cell phones.

Is there a way to do this without say having to have a 2nd (after hours auto attendant) which would not allow “direct dial” to extensions?

If you have any other tips or work-arounds: thank you.

Submit a feature request: How to open a Feature Request - Support Services - Documentation (

Use dynamic routes to query the system time, if the time is after X, return true/false. route to extensions or voicemail context based on the result.
Dynamic Routes Module - PBX GUI - Documentation (

Create a custom destination/dialplan to do the check mentioned above.

Wonderful reply.
Thank you for helping.

I don’t recall testing it, but calendar integration is currently supported in FMFM


I will test using calendar in FM/FM.
Wonderful tip.

You are a pro, sir!

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