How to find a password defined in the transition between exchanges

we have FreePBX
We have two exchanges that work in trunk (For example in Cyprus and one in Germany).
The previous IT man who was here defined that if you call the PBX located in Cyprus, you click on a number and then it moves to its PBX in Germany. The problem then is that you have to enter a password.
Where do I find this password?
But can it be reset?

You need to be more technical and more specific. What moves to Cyprus? The number, the pbx? If so, with or without cables?

You need to show a log of the problems and possibly a SIP trace. It could also be that your problem is not related to FreePBX or Asterisk, but related to your click-to-call software in front of the pbx. Based on the information we have, we can only guess.

You need to read again what I wrote down because I see you did not understand …I will try to detail for you.

What moves to Cyprus? - Calls! - For example if you are calling from a mobile phone to a PBX located in Cyprus you can dial any number and then it will take you to a PBX located in Germany. What it means ? This means you can dial from Cyprus as if you were in Germany.
What is the problem ? That I do not have the password! Calls!

I’m not clear whether you are talking about a SIP password, or a code that the phone user must key. Assuming the latter, it will have been done using custom code, and, without seeing that code, it will not be possible to be certain where the password is stored.

(It is quite common to use the voicemail system for passwords, so it is possible that you need to look in the configuration for that.)

I agree with the other replier that your question wasn’t clear. I think the reason for that you are incorrectly assuming that this is a normal, and commonly used, feature.

I do not come from this world of the PBX.
I’m telling you what’s actually happening.

  1. Calling a telephone exchange in Cyprus
  2. When you are on a call router (ivr ? ) you need to press the number 2 ( This is how they configure it)
  3. Then you hear “please enter the password followed by pound key”
    But can this password be found or reset ?

If you type in the correct password, you can go to the PBX located in Germany. That’s the goal.

Whether you reach an IVR at all, and what options the IVR presents are things decided by the administrator, when they install the system. We do not know how your system was configured.

It is possible that the person who set this up is using the DISA feature, which is described in DISA User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation However, it is also possible that they coded it in lower level terms.

If you follow the instructions in Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation for obtaining a log of a call, and upload it, having removed sensitive data, someone may be able to work out how it has been implemented in your case, but there isn’t a general answer, because this is all about customisation.

I sounds to me like the system has a DISA set up with a PIN. If so, it is a matter of investigating which DISA it is and determine the PIN Otherwise share a call call trace using pastebin, it may be possible to get the PIN directly from that or tell you where to find it.

That was it!
Thank you!

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