How to Factory reset Polycom Soundpoint IP 335 phones with FreePBX

Hi There,

I just updated an .xml file for our directory on our phone system in the End Point Configuration Manager. Once I click “Save Template” and click the checkbox to “Reboot Phone(s)”, all the phones using that template reboot. I’m expecting the directory on these phones to update, but they don’t. In order to get the directory on the phones, I need to manually go to each phone, then reset each phone back to their factory settings in the phone’s menus (Menu>Settings>Advanced>Admin Settings>Reset to defaults>Reset to factory defaults). Considering the fact that we have 100+ phones here, this isn’t something I want to do.

My question is this: How to I set up FreePBX to reset each phone back to their factory settings so that the new directory can be downloaded automatically? I’ve tried Rebuilding the configuration for all the phones and reconfiguring all the phones in the end point configuration manager, but all that seems to do it reboot the phone. It appears that the directory is being cached in each phone.

Any ideas?

We’re using Polycom Soundpoint IP 335 phones.

Thanks in advance.


Which Endpoint manager are you using OSS or PRO?

I update the xml directories all the time and they load onto the phones without a problem. are you sure that the phones are retrieving the info? if you are using tftp restart xinetd with -vvv and then tail the messages file and see what files are being served up to the phone. if you are using ftp you can do something similar.

Not sure what you mean. The phones are clearly caching the directory, otherwise, the new one should appear. I’m using FTP…

what does the mac.cfg file look like? and are you sure you have your ftp directory set up properly? what does vsftp log look like.