How to extend the transfer ringtime to extension/ring group

Right now when a call comes in to our IVR it will ring and ring for 5 minutes, thats great.

What we need to do is when we transfer a call to a ring group or an extension that the ringtime is around 5 minutes as well.

Right now when we transfer a call and the person does not pickup, after 20 seconds it just hangs up the call or it goes to that person’s voicemail.

We would like to extend this ringtime for transfers as long as we can.

Thanks in advance!

How much do you hate your customers that you would expect them to sit on the line waiting five minutes for a ringing phone? :open_mouth: Verizon (for example) hates their customers with the fiery passion of a woman scorned and will only let a phone ring for a minute before hanging it up and telling you to try again later?

To actually answer your question, we have queues that will allow you to “simulate” all of this, including the constant ringing, but you have to be consistent in their use.

As to “how to I change the voicemail timeout” - you can set that in the extension setup (IIRC) or you can use a Find Me/Follow Me divergence to drop into a selection where you can set that timeout.

I strongly recommend against this - you callers’ time is valuable. Get them in, take care of them quickly, and let them leave VM and get back to them ASAP is a course I would strongly recommend.

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