How to enable voicemail button on Sangoma P310 phone?

I have a Sangoma P310 phone connected to a FreePBX 40 Appliance (, but I can’t get the voicemail button on the phone to dial the voicemail. In Applications > Extensions > (ext. 13) > Advanced, I set Voicemail Extension = *97 (although I don’t think I should have to do this). In Settings > EndPoint Manager > Sangoma > D & P series phones >, I’m using the digium_default template. In Options of the template, I tried setting Voicemail Key Type to “Voicemail Application” and to “Standard Voicemail,” but neither option made the voicemail button on the phone work. Between each experiment, I “Save, Rebuild Config(s) and Update Phones” and Apply. The phone’s “Web User Interface has been disabled,” because the phone is being provisioned by the PBX.

If I set up Line Key 2 as a Speed Dial with a value of *97, pressing that line button calls the voicemail.

All the equipment (P310, FreePBX 40 Appliance, a couple of Grandstream phones, etc.) are all within my local area network. The voicemail buttons on my Grandstream phones work correctly. I have the commercial EndPoint Manager.

What am I doing incorrectly, or failing to do, to get the voicemail button on the P310 to work?


There really shouldn’t be anything you have to do in order to get the VM button on a P31X to auto dial *97. It is set regardless of what template settings you have.

Try creating a new template from scratch instead of using the default template and set the phone to use this new template.

Thanks for your suggestion. I created a new template from scratch. The only changes to the template I made are: (1) make it the default internal template; (2) specify the provisioning server protocol (HTTP); (3) set the time zone; and (4) revise the dial pattern to allow two-digit extension numbers ([2-9]x) and two-digit feature codes (*xxT3, i.e., remove the period between xx and T3). I even added “|*97” to the end of the dial pattern specifically for calls to voicemail. (The dial pattern is now [2-9]x|[2-9]11|011xxxx.T3|1[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|*xxT3|*97).

The voicemail button on my P310 still does not work.

I wanted to verify what was being loaded into the voicemail button of the phone during provisioning. However, as noted, I cannot access the P310’s web page, so I can’t directly observe the phone’s voicemail button field. Instead, I edited the basefile to cause the line key to display the same text as was loaded into the voicemail button. To do this, in account 0, I set line_label=“_ _ voicemail _ _”. I tested this by filling in the extension’s “Voicemail Extension” field with various values and re-booting the phone. Each of these values was displayed by the phone, so I assume the phone’s line label is a valid display of the voicemail button’s value. The basefile contains:

visual_voicemail=“_ _ voicemailkey _ _” (which always seems to be zero)
voicemail=" _ _ voicemail _ _"

Although the line key shows that the voicemail button is being loaded with *97, pressing the voicemail button does nothing. Loading the voicemail button with an extension number (such as 30) or an outside number (such as 978-505-xxxx) does not dial the loaded number.

I now suspect the phone has a faulty button. Any other suggestions before I file a warranty claim on the phone?


P phone config files are stored in subfolders to /etc/asterisk/dpma/phone_configs. For the phone in question there should be a line that looks like this:

<account index="0" status="1" register="1" account_id="1" username="7002" authname="7002" password="redacted" passcode="redacted2" line_label="7002-Yate" caller_id="Lorne" dial_plan="[1]xxx.T1|911|933|9911|411|611|011xxxx.T3|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx.T1|*xx.T1" visual_voicemail="0" voicemail="*97"    ... etc>

For P31X phones, visual_voicemail will always be 0 as the app is not supported, and the voicemail param should be set to *97 or whatever the vm feature code is.

If the xml looks correct, then you may well be right about the faulty button, I assume you don’t see this on multiple devices.

The cfg file contains:

<account index=“0” status=“1” register=“1” account_id=“18” username=“33” authname=“33” password=“redacted” passcode=“redacted” line_label=“33-Network Closet” caller_id=“33-Network Closet” dial_plan=“[2-9]x|[2-9]11|011xxxx.T3|1[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|*xxT3|*97” visual_voicemail=“0” voicemail=“*97” …

so, the XML appears to be correct, although the phrase " account_id=“18” " confuses me. I expected that to be equal to 1, but perhaps this is an account ID within FreePBX, not within the phone.

This is the only Sangoma phone I own. My other phones are from Grandstream, and their voicemail buttons all work correctly. So, I’m going to assume the button is faulty and file a warranty claim.

Thank you very much for your assistance.


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I just discovered a very interesting aspect of the P310 phone: The voicemail button works opposite the way I’m used to it working. You press the voicemail button WITHOUT dial tone. Thus, (a) you press it while the handset is on-hook (in which case, the speakerphone turns on), or (b) you press it while the handset is off-hook, but AFTER you’ve pressed “Cancel,” so there is no dial tone. In other words, the voicemail button works only if the phone has not yet been picked up. This makes sense, if the phone has a visual voicemail app that displays a list of voice messages on the phone’s screen. However, according to this post, the P310 and P315 phones do not have visual voicemail apps. (That also explains why the template option Voicemail Key Type values “Voicemail Application” and “Standard Voicemail” both produce the same result.)

As I noted, I’m used to getting dial tone before pressing the voicemail button. That is how it works on my Grandstream phones (GXP2130 and GXP1625), and the way I remember other IP phones working, although I admit I’m referring mostly to IP phones I used many years ago.

So, my problem was caused by my misunderstanding the way the Sangoma phones are designed to operate, and my P310 is not malfunctioning. I’m sorry about my confusion, although I suggest the templates for phones without visual voicemail apps should not imply that the Voicemail Key Type value influences how the phones treat their voicemail buttons.


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