How to enable transfer DIRECTLY to parking SLOT

I have a parking lot,
Parking lot extension 100
Slots 101-114

currently I can transfer calls to 100 and it will announce the slot.
A lot of our phones have BLFs for the first few park slots (101-104) and they have one-touch blind transfer capability so that when you press the slot for i.e. 101 during a call, the expected functionality is that the call will be transferred there and parked since the slot is visibly free (Green BLF).
I know Grandstream phones have a key option for “Monitored call park” where you can set the value as the individual park slot and send/retrieve calls directly there, but for other phones with no such option I want the transfer directly to park SLOT to work as well.
However the problem is that we can only transfer to the parking lot extension 100, and if you try transferring to one of the SLOTS it says “I am sorry, but there is no call parked at that extension, please try again”.
How to enable transfer directly to park SLOTS to park the call?

You have to blind transfer them. An attended transfer will call the slot and require you to finish the transfer to the slot after it answers. Try doing ##slot#

OK thanks… setting the BLFs to specifically do a blind transfer when pressed during active call works and you can now transfer the calls blind to the park slot #.

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