How to enable and disable OPTIONS pings

I’ve reported a problem to Grandstream concerning the use of TCP on their GXP2000 phones. The phone tries to REGISTER, but Asterisk comes back with an OPTIONS request immediately before the 200 OK to the REGISTER, and they are in the same TCP packet. The GXP2000 doesn’t see the 200 OK and therefore doesn’t see itself as registered - nor does it try again; though, if it did, it’s a fair bet that the same problem would occur.

Grandstream can’t reproduce the fault. The Wireshark trace they sent me (admittedly quite short) has no OPTIONS requests at all.

I’m using Asterisk 1.8; I don’t know what version Grandstream are using.

  1. Is there a way to enable OPTIONS requests for Grandstream’s version? If so, they will be able to reproduce the fault and, hopefully, fix it.

  2. Is there a way to disable OPTIONS requests in my installation of 1.8? If so, I can perhaps work round the problem until Grandstream fix it.

This question would be better answered in the Asterisk forums.

First, you need to find what Asterisk version broke the functionality. Then review the release note under SIP and find the change that causes the issue.

Without this data the Asterisk folks will not engage at a meaningful level.