How to enable a page through DND

I have a client who is installing a system onto a ship using the Elastix distribution and Aastra 57i phones. We have everything working that they want except for the ability to do an Emergency Page that overrides any phones that have DND turned on. Current behaviour of the paging module is to not page on any phone that has DND enabled. Does anybody have a simple way to override that behavior for emergencies?

Using latest Elastix with FreePBX 2.6.

did you setup paging thru aastra or freepbx. please eloborate.

Just enabled Paging in FreePBX and am using the settings as defined by Aastra using their startup.php application. We redefined some of the buttons, but that was about it.

Just realized that the pertinent part of your question was that the DND is implemented via the DND.php script, not just with the feature code.