How to download System recordings via command line - Linux

Hello all

I am tasked with switching over a customer from one version of FreePBX to another. While in the process I got to the IVR section and needed to download the system recordings to continue. However, and this is where my issue is, the button to download a recording is not there. I did find a post on these forums about someone having the same issue, but there wasn’t much information there.

So i was wondering what steps do i need to take so i can download the recordings off the system through Linux command line.

I am using PcLinuxOS and an older version of FreePBX (green not blue layout)

Thank You in Advance

What version of FreePBX GUI are you using? If you are using 10, 11 or 12 you can find all audios under system recordings, once you click on the audio to play it should download.

Later versions, you can copy the files which are stored under /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/custom
You can use a software like WinSCP to make the copying easier.

Turns out I was informed incorrectly and the system is actually a Fonality Trixbox system.

There’s a script to “upgrade” you these old distributions to the new distro. Check through the forums and you should find it.

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