How to download recorded system greetings?

I recorded greetings using an extensions. I like to keep a copy of the sound file on my local disk.

I notice when I play the recording through FreePBX GUI, there is a downloading link. Hoever, it doen’t work at this time and FreePBX said that they will remove that link. I plead to them to make that link working. Maybe they will keep the link; but not in the immediate future.

So, if I like to perserve a copy of the recorded sound files, how can I download them to local drive or to my USB memory stick?


Hi Roger,

I assume that you use gnu/linux or similar *nix-like system and you have SSH server installed. In that case you can dowload all the sound via SSH. The custom files resides at the directory /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom/ . If your client machine is a windows one you can use WinSCP - - if you’re using linux you can just download them via scp -r [email protected]:/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom/ /destination/directory .
There are other ways, of course: install an ftp server - vsftpd will do fine -, “mount” the remote server with FUSE and SSH plugin or SSH “filesystem modul” of Midnight Commander.

Thanks, that works!