How to Download CDR Report using Command in FreePBX v15

Do we have any Command line Utility to download the CDR Report using Command in FreePBX v15 ?
I want to automate the process of downloading CDR Report.
Any pointers

There is no FreePBX 16.

Are you from the future? Who wins the Super Bowl?

My bad its FreePBX v15

Please guide me if there is any way by which I can download the CDR report from the Command prompt.

The data you want will be ‘tab delimited’ but withIn

mysql asteriskcdrdb -B -e "select * from cdr"

You need to add your particular filters to get exactly what you want. There are plenty of resources in ‘the internet’ as to howto

I want to download CDR report for every Monday from 11:00 am to 11:00 am for CallerID “911” in the form of CSV or any other readable format and send email with attachment.

I am not from database background and new to FreePBX.
Can you please help me with it

Then you should hire someone to handle things.

This seems a bit important to be leaving to random forum postings.

I wanted it to be tuned to a specific date and callerID and destination can be everything for that timestamp and date. CDR Report in tabular format

Please help

Don’t cross post


My apologies

Did you try my suggestion in the other thread?

I did and updated the thread with the challenge I am facing

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