How to download call log

I am a FreePBX newbie. I know that I can access call logs via Reports / Call Logging which is a beta fetaure in FreebXML 16. Is there a way to export the call log to Excel or csv planned? Is there a way to get this info by directly querying the database? If so, some pointers would be terrific. Thanks.

Did you check top right corner “csv”?

Thank you. My screen look very different. I access it via Reports / Call Event Logging in FreePBX 16.

How do you access the screen you shared?

guenni and you are not on the same page.

guenni is in Reports > CDR Reports.

On the Call Event Logging page, click on the export data icon, then CSV

@peyre @guenni thank you! I had missed the little button in upper right corner to export to Excel, CSV, JSON etc.

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