How to do it in FreePBX?

Dear All …

I try to integrate existing asterisk and MCU/MediaMixer

Each installed on deferent VM

  1. Asterisk (with FreePBX) is at :
  2. MCU/MediaMixer is at :

I read the what todo for asterisk from :

It said that (adjusted to my MCU server IP), I need to do :

  1. in sip.conf :

videosupport = yes
type = peer
host =
port = 5060
canreinvite = no
qualify = no
disallow = all
nat = no
allow = ulaw
allow = alaw
allow = speex
allow = h263
allow = h263p
allow = h264

  1. in extensions.conf
    exten => 998.1, Dial (SIP / mcuweb / $ {EXTEN})

my best guess is just like my screenshot

Kindly please tell how to do it via FreePBX web UI


What the heck, did Elastix forum close down? This is FreePBX. Elastix took an old version of FreePBX and hacked it up.

Some people think it’s great, those people hang out at We like FreePBX hence why this is

Dear SkykingOH,

I apologize my english.

Did I Say/do wrong ting to this forum ?
If so, Kindly please forgive me. I didn’t meant it.

I Just trying to search any documentation on how Integrate medooze MCU with aseterisk, specialy with FreePBX GUI.

Unfortunately, most of the sample is using text based configuration, while my installation is using FreePBX.

Thats why I’m asking on how to adopt that sample configuration into FreePBX.


It’s not wrong, this isn’t a forum for Elastix, they choose to make their own version of FreePBX, we don’t know anything about it.

dear SkyKingOH.

I really appreciate your response.

I don’t know if I use eastix version of FreePBX.

I’m pretty sure I run the only FreePBX.

Anyway … can you help me on how to Integrate freepbx with medooze MCU ?


No, I can’t help you. The FreePBX included with Elastix is a very old version of FreePBX and has been modified to work with the Elastix framework.

Your also not very focused on your goals. I can talk in generalities. What do you want the MCU to do with FreePBX. If a video capable endpoint is registered to FreePBX I would not think you would want to broker the video through Asterisk. You can register the MCU as a second line appearance with the endpoint.

If you are just looking for the MCU to enter the FreePBX dial plan and make voice calls I would need to understand better what you are trying to do.

Dear SkyKingOH.

I really dont know why you say that I have old FreePBX,
I download my FreePBX from

I do re-check my source file name is 'freepbx-2.11.0.tar.gz’
Is that an old version ?

What I want the MCU to do with FreePBX is to provide ‘multiple participants Video Conference’ capabilities to my installation.

AFAIK and CMIIW Asterisk did not support for this, and for doing it we need ‘external’ MCU.


Very odd, when this post started I would have sworn you said running Elastix. Since you are running official FreePBX this is the right site.

As I mentioned the endpoints register with the MCU directly. Not sure what role you want Asterisk and FreePBX to play. How do you want them integrated? You need to speak in terms of functionality and call flows.

Dear SkyKingOH Sir …

I really realy appreciate youre response.

Ok …
My FreePBX-Asterisk is at
Extention number range is 501-599

my MCU is at
And I want anyone who dial to ‘999’ have tobe directed/forwarded to this MCU (

KIndly please give me your enlightenment.


Create a trunk with and point it at the MCU then set a route with the dial pattern you want and point it at that trunk.

Make sure the CODEC’s match