How to display a login form when click freepbx administration on web interface

Hi everybody!
I have installed asterisk and freepbx successfull and it worked very well. Anyone can access the system when click on FreePBX Administration in web interface. Now I would like display a login form asked for fill user name and password when click on FreePBX Administration in web interface to increase security. But I don’t know how to do it. Can you help me, please!
Thank for reading!

It should do it automatically. Does it say “Logout: Username” in the right side of the menu bar?

One thing I have noticed is that it doesn’t appear to timeout.

Edit: What version of FreePBX are you using? Are you using the Freepbx Distro, another distro, or your own OS install?

Hi brk. Thanks for answer question of me.

I am using FreePBX version 2.5.1, Asterisk version I downloaded packages asterisk, asterisk-addons, lame, libpri, zaptel, freepbx .rpm and installed it.

When I click on FreePBX Administration in web interface, I can access immediately to /admin/config.php, do not appear display login form asked for fill user name and password. It do not automatically.

Help me, please!

That is a really really old version of FreePBX and old unsupported Asterisk.

As far as your question you dont have things setup correct as it should be all user and password protected.

I suggest downloading and installing the FreePBX Distro that pre-installs everything for you.

Like Tony said - that is a really old version. Would suggest starting with a newer version and a distro with everything included is the easiest.

May be a compatibility problem between old code and newer operating system, or something missed on installation.

OK thanks you. I will download and install freepbx, asterisk lastest version.