How to disable Statistics collection

Is there a way to disable statistics collection? FreePBX seems to write / aggregate them once per minute and whenever it does, it seems to write several 10kb BLOBs to kvstore, generating quite an amount of network traffic over time.

comment it out in the cron job:-

crontab -e -u asterisk

restart cron

service cron restart

(generally that traffic would be on lo )

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The module will just put the cron back

Why is 10kb over local a bad thing?

replace the crontab as root

* * * * * rm /var/www/html/admin/modules/dashboard/scheduler.php


@tm1000, The correct way to disable that function would be how?

Firstly that is the completely wrong cron task. FreePBX manipulates crontab directly not through freepbx-cron-scheduler so all you’ve done is told this user to disable the ability to check online for security updates

Secondly at this time there is no way to disable that function. Which leads to my first question, why does 10kb/s matter if it’s over the local interface. Thus there is NO traffic.

I oops my bad, I corrected my post

Then you will get a tampered file notice. Along with error messages about being unable to run the scheduler.

I ended up commenting it out in the code and disabled the signature checks. The statistics code messes up my traffic graphs, the DB server is not on the same physical machine and besides, I don’t really see the point of having another tool gathering system statistics I don’t care about since I’m already running dedicated tools for system monitoring. I assume this is useful if using the distro but since I’m using a manual install, I’d prefer a switch to just turn it off.


    public function runTrigger() {
            // This is run every minute.
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Many of us would also like that switch.

Some of us trust ourselves better than others, but:-

I will wait for you guys to figure it out on your way to Orlando :wink:

(My math teacher would give me a failing grade for submitting a graph without useful X-axis tick marks and scale :wink: )

Open ticket discussing this already: