How to disable DAHDI (or configure it safe)

Well, now I know one reason why Asterisk isn’t running…

[Dec 18 12:03:07] VERBOSE[5390] logger.c: Asterisk Event Logger Started /var/log/asterisk/event_log
[Dec 18 12:03:07] ERROR[5390] asterisk.c: Asterisk has detected a problem with your DAHDI configuration and will shutdown for your protection. You have options:
1. You only have to compile DAHDI support into Asterisk if you need it. One option is to recompile without DAHDI support.
2. You only have to load DAHDI drivers if you want to take advantage of DAHDI services. One option is to unload DAHDI modules if you don’t need them.
3. If you need Zaptel services, you must correctly configure DAHDI.

It is not clear to me why I should need DAHDI at all; the switch I’m trying to configure is strictly internal SIP only, therefore no trunks, therefore no PSTN hardware. (It’s a test system so I can generate SIP test calls.)

However, I have not so far been able to find a clue as to what I should do to create an appropriate configuration. Any suggestions?

This is AsteriskNOW, installed from AsteriskNOW-1.5.0-i386-1of1.iso downloaded from the AsteriskNOW site on 2009-11-02. I’m not (at least, not so far) building from source.

“One option is to unload DAHDI modules if you don’t need them” - What does this mean? First, do I need DAHDI modules if I don’t have any PSTN hardware? Second, exactly what does “unload” mean? Do I simply delete them from the hard drive? Will that simply cause a different error instead, failing to find something it’s looking for?

Later: I’ve fixed the problem by renaming lots of files whose names begin with “dahdi” to begin with “not_dahdi” (so I could go back to them without too much grief). Lo and behold, Asterisk now starts up. Port 5038 is open. The dashboard is not showing failure to connect any more.

Now on to the next problem… although Asterisk is running, port 5060 is not open. And it’s NOT a firewall issue. But I’ll start another topic for that…