How to disable call recording for calls to certain numbers

I have call recording on for all external and internal calls on our system. I want to record all my phone calls automatically, except for phone calls between myself and my business partner. Our assistant has access to our call recordings and we would prefer if she couldn’t listen to recorded calls between us. I know I can manually turn off the recording while on the phone, but it would be ideal if I could list his extension and cell phone number on the PBX and tell it to disable call recording on those calls. Is this possible?

The normal mode for this is to set your inbound and outbound route to record everything. This is normal and what you want in almost every case.

If you turn off the option to record extensions, but leave on the inbound routes will do what you want, but it will also turn off all inter-extension recording. I doubt that will do what you want it to.

I can’t think of a way through the GUI to limit calls between pairs of extensions that doesn’t disable all inter-extension calling. You could write a custom context that turns off calling between certain extensions and send your two extensions to that context instead of going to “from-local” (or whatever you are using).

Thanks, Cynjut. I’ve considered turning off recording for internal calls for us, but that won’t solve the problem if one of us calls the other’s cell phone, unless maybe I set a ring group or extension that just forwarded the call to our cell phone??

You can approach this a couple of ways:

  1. Write a context that processes your outbound calls and recognizes the outbound cell phone number and checks to see if it’s you, then turn off recoding. Lots of work.
  2. Set up the cell phone with an internal extension, then you can use it as one of the pairs in your calling set.

The problem with that is if he calls you back on his cell phone, the system would have to be “trained” to not record the call.

A different approach (not better, just different) would be to cull through the CDR records and delete the recordings based on Unique ID when the cell phone/extension and your extension are talking. Another (similar) approach would be to rename the files if you want to save them. The nice thing about this solution is you could add it to your “post call processing” step and, instead of deleting them, you could move them, change the permissions, etc. on the calls so that (on the chance you need a convo later) you still have them, just not in a place where your assistant can get to them easily.

Thanks cynjut. Those solutions are a little over my head. I think we will try to manually stop the recording using the feature code for now and see if that works.

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