How to: DISA and Recording your conversation?


I would like to know if it is possible to accept a DISA call then record the call?



After experimenting a bit, I have been able to get it partially working.
The steps to get this to work is to do the following:

  • a DISA profile
  • Setup an extension that will never be used use HIGH numbers like 2398473244329823 (however can be a security issue if someone guesses it)
  • Configure Follow me for the extension to ring for 1 second and then fail over to your DISA profile.
  • Setup Incoming route with your callerID number to route to the above extension.

Problem with this setup are the following:
1: Call recording works only one way.
2: Caller ID will show the Cell number (It is overridden by the incoming callerid. Fixed with Callback service)

Anyone else got further insite on how to get DISA Recording working with FreePBX?