How to direct all incoming calls directly to IVR?

Hi, another total noob question here - but I am unsure of what the correct way to do this would be. I am sure it is something simple for the well versed here, any assistance is appreciated. Thank you!


Just start off with

it’s all explained in there.

OK, thanks - that is the first place I looked. But looking at this document that I cannot link to display/F2/IVR+Module+User+Guide for example, I do not see how it answers my question about how to have all calls routed to the IVR without ringing any physical phones by default. I will keep digging…

Read it more deeply :slight_smile:

A ) each inbound route can be sent to an IVR,

B ) you can setup a “catchall” inbound route

C ) Put the two together and you have your answer.