How to Dial number after SIP Outbound Call connected?


I need to create a specific dialplan which gets connected as follow:

Step A: Extension 100 dial an outbound number (e.g. 202-123-4567) using Google Voice trunk.
Step B: First, call gets connected to some 3rd party Number (e.g. 647-XXX-XXXX).
Step C: After call is connected, Wait for 2 seconds, then Press 9, now wait for 2 seconds, and then dial 202-123-4567 followed by ‘#’ sign.
Step D: Extension 100 finally gets connected to 202-123-4567

In simple explanation:
Ext. 100 -> Google Voice Trunk dial same number 647-XXX-XXXX -> Press 9, wait for 2 seconds pause, then dial Ext.100’s outbound number 202-123-4567 -> Ext100 connected to 202-123-4567

I tried looking into creating Outbound Route or Miscellaneous Destinations, but I have been unsuccessful in doing so. Would greatly appreciate specialist’s input.

Thanks in Advance!

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