How to dial into freepbx, input number, freepbx dials number and connects call

I have a client who wants to be able to do the following:

Call one of their local DIDs from a cell phone, get prompted to input a Canadian number, be connected to said number.

Their employees are calling Canada from their cell phones in the field… and reimbursing them is expensive and time consuming, so they’d like to capitalize on the VOIP rates to Canada. Is this possible? Probably would want to add a PIN number to the setup as well to avoid any abuse, but not totally necessary at this point.

If this is not possible, my next step would be to setup fixed Miscellaneous Destinations with canadian numbers, and point an inbound DID at an IVR containing those Misc Dest. However, they’d really like it to work for any number and not pre configured numbers.

Thanks for any pointers on how to set this up

Sounds like you need DISA if you ask me, it’s all in the wiki.

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You know, I’d never noticed that module before. That’s exactly what I needed, thank you very much!