How to determine the version of Asterisk for a particular FreePBX version?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to figure out what version of Asterisk a particular version of FreePBX is based upon. In particular, the version of FreePBX is 2.5.2 and I would like to know the version of Asterisk.

Is there any type of cross-reference etc?

Thanks in advance!

FreePBX 2.5 will run on Asterisk 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6

The FreePBX distro has only been out for a short while and has always been 1.8.

If you have an ancient system with 2.5 FreePBX it was either installed by hand or from another distro. The easiest way to tell is to simply run the Asterisk CLI and verify the version.

Thanks for the info… unfortunately I don’t have access to the remote end to determine the version.


Well, if you can log into Freepbx, you can go to tools -> Asterisk CLI and type: core show version

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I don’t know about FreePBX 2.5, but on 2.8 and later, you can find out the version of Asterisk by clicking on Settings, and then selecting the “Asterisk Info” module.