How to delete inbound route without extension/ring group?

Hi all !
Excuse me for my poor english (i’m Italian), I’m a newby of FreePBX and Asterisk.
I have a trouble with FreePBX.
I’ve created wrong inbound routes with wrong DID number. 2 errors in one.
Now i can’t delete inbound route.
On the left side of screen i see:

<gsm2 / any CID
<[email protected] / any CID

You can see @

How can i control if these incoming routes are working or not (i think that that routes doesn’t works) ?
How can i delete from screen these inbound routes ???
Tnx in advance. Any help will be appreciated …


That’s TRIXBOX which is not a standard FreePBX implementation. On the real FreePBX there is a delete button at the top of the page.


Sorry but i don’t have the “delete” button :frowning:

so in trixbox how can i delete these inbound routes ?

Probably need to take that to the TRIXBOX forum. Fonality has forked from the genuine FreePBX so that their product barely resembles the “official” version.

Most people here do not use Trixbox.