How to delete backups - FreePBX14

Hello everyone!
thanks in advance if you are going to read and try to help, let me say that i’m very noob with the whole thing of FreePBX/Linux etc, and that i’ve already tried to search the forum but i couldnt find an answer for my needs…
Basically, i just realized that i have A LOT of local backups, i would like to delete them all with a full-wipe, and start again!
i feel like i just need a line of command for the console, but i’m clueless about it…
please tell me all the info you may need to help, again thanks in advance!

btw local storage looks like this:

You need to adjust the settings in the Maintenance settings of your backup job:

This configuration keeps only 2 backups.

To remove ALL backups from CLI: rm -rf /var/spool/asterisk/backup/*

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Really appreciated! easy and clean, thank you very much!

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