How to define port for injecting external audio

Hello Community Members

I’m quite new to asterisk/freepbx and have following issue(s):

Our house has 7 apartments. The door intercom (audio/video) is a proprietary system based on a AMX Audio/Video server per apartment. As these servers are beginning to fail I would like to implement a pbx that establishes a video call to a phone when the doorbell rings. Audio (rtp/G.711) and video (mjpeg) come from different devices.

So far, I was successful in installing freepbx, setting up endpoints and connecting to a commercial trunk. I also was able to bridge a channel to a phone with a channel to an external (rtp/G.711) audio stream (ffmpeg) via ARI.

Using the ARI commands I set up a bridge and added a channel with external audio “/channels/externalMedia”. I then added a second channel connected to a SIP phone.

The IP-adresse of the video (mjpeg) is fixed and cannot be changed. Identically the IP-address and the in-/out- ports of the frontdoor audio intercom-device are fixed and cannot be changed either.

Here is where I’m failing:

I can define the IP address and the port to which the audio stream is sent to from the bridge. The port into which I can inject audio into the bridge seems to be assigned randomly (UNICASTRTP_LOCAL_PORT). As mentioned above I cannot change the ports on the frontdoor intercom-device. How can I define “UNICASTRTP_LOCAL_PORT “ when establishing the channel?

How do I inject the video into the channel for establishing a video call?

Would there be a better way to achieve my goal?

Thanks in advance for your help!

You can’t specify a local port, and the external media support has been done for audio - video hasn’t been tested and isn’t supported. I don’t think there’s really a built in way to do mjpeg as you desire and I don’t really have a suggestion.

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