How to define DID on IAX trunk?

I want to use inbound routes but can’t figure out how can I define DID on IAX trunks.

Can anyone please let me know.


Inbound routes are working after defining ‘from-trunk’ context. Just wondering why do we need to define this ?

Thanks for help.

If you don’t specify a context the call goes to the default context.

from-trunk is the inbound call processing login in FreePBX.

Glad you got it working.

Where do i need to define DID - on server where i am calling from (which is normal asterisk) or on server when call is terminating (its free pbx and i want to define inbound routes here).

Actually sir_sip my answer he asked how to define a DID not how to register with a provider.

If the trunk is not in the correct context the call will never use the inbound routes and would ignore DID/DNIS information.

So to elaborate:

In your trunk settings make sure the line “context=from-trunk” is included in your trunk config.

The use the inbound route module to route the call according to the DID.

And now for a hopefully helpful answer…

In your trunk setup you may be able to specify a DID number in the registration string. like so:

user:[email protected]/DIDNUMBER

If your trunk uses a registration string then try that first, it often helps.

You don’t define the DID on the trunk. You place the trunk in the “from-trunk” context and use the inbound route module.