How to create IVR?

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I have made an extension (1111) for IVR. And i have done with digital receptionist and add recordings menu with misc settings.
But when i make a call from my extension (3335) to 1111 then it says user is not available. please leave your message.

I am wrong somewhere in this procedure. Although i followed the document issued by freePBX website.
Please suggest me at the earliest…

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Sudhir Rana

There are several steps to setting up an IVR, all explained pretty well in the documentation. First, set up your system recording. Next, if you want ring groups, set those up. Next, create the IVR, selecting the announcement, numeric choices and resulting destinations. Last, set up an inbound route that points to the IVR you’ve just created.

If you are using Asterisk 1.4, don’t enable NVfax detect or your announcement will never play.

Hi ,

Thanks for your response. I have created an IVR as per your instructions. I misc. destinations when i set my feature code to announcements, then its working… but when i set it to IVR then it’s not working i.e it says after few seconds …goodbye…

FYI… i am using elastix 0.9.1-4

Hope to hear from you soon…

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Hi eveyrone,

I have some problem with IVR…Here are my steps:

  1. Add recordings
  2. Then add digital receptionist with the options.
  3. Set the misc. application to the IVR…

What i expect is the IVR when i dial the feature code option in misc. application…
When i forward that misc. application to announcements then its working fine…
But when i change the destination to IVR then no response. after long interval i got the message of goodbye…

What i expect is digital receptionist with the name i mentioned in the IVR .
Please suggest me at the earliest that where i am missing.

Many Thanks,