How to create dynamic users in FreePBX

Hi all,

I am very new to asterisk and Freepbx. I just want to create some dynamic agents on asterisk.

So that the agents can log in and log out from different phones.

I heard that there is some issues on freepbx with dynamic agents.

Can anyone please tell me the exact way to create dynamic agents in freepbx.

If you mean users/extensions as in ‘hot desking’ then this is supported.

First you need to change to Device and User mode by setting the amportal.conf variables:


then you also need to make sure that your asterisk.conf has the following setting in its [options] section, e.g.:


Then make sure Asterisk is restarted to make the latter setting take effect, and create your devices as “adhoc” devices so that the users can login/out.

The default login/logout codes are *11/*12 and can be changed/enabled/disabled in the Feature Code tab.

I have a client that has been configured and using ‘deviceanduser’ mode. I would like to change them back to ‘extension’ mode. Is this doable? What problems will I run into? Can I just make the setting change and reload?

thank you.

you can just change it.

If all your devices have the same number as your users then everything should be fine.

If you have any devices with no users you won’t be able to edit those devices.

You also won’t have access to the user password nor the device type (adhoc vs. fixed).

The bottom line, internally FreePBX is always running in deviceanduser mode. Switching modes simply gives you access to configure a few more things, create devices with different numbers then the users, etc. Switching simply changes how the GUI is presented.

thank you Philippe