How to create an agent directly in FreePBX?

Hello everyone,

I am new to FreePBX, and I want to know how to create an agent directly in FreePBX, that means not going into “agents.conf” in Asterisk server?

Thank you very much for yours answers!

Look this:

Queuemetris Free with 2 agents and 1 Queue

So if I have well understood, when I pick some of my extensions in the Dynamic Members field, they are registered as agents in the queue?

Dynamic Members are extensions or callback numbers that can log in and out of the queue. When a member logs in to a queue, their penalty in the queue will be as specified here. Extensions included here will NOT automatically be logged in to the queue.

Okay I understand thank you very much!
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When I have registered my queue config in Asterisk server, I didn’t see my extensions registered as dynamic members in “agents.conf”, is it normal?

The FreePBX does not use agents.conf

Oh really? There isn’t a module in FreePBX to create agents like extensions?
Because I need this file config for an other Asterisk GUI called “Visual Dialplan”.