How to create a notification if a service go down


I would like to have a notification sent to my mobile or email if the phone system go down.

This is my version FreePBX

How do you define “the phone system has gone down”? You would probably need to make test calls via a different provider.

NodePing let’s you ping every 60 seconds with SIP protocol: NodePing | SIP Check Type

Sip check what I’m looking for but NodePing comas with a price, Does the FreePBX 14 support Notifications option and can send me a Notifications when sip go down?

If the PBX has gone down it wouldn’t be able to send a notification.

You didn’t say anything about SIP. The SIP channel drivers can detect first hop failures by the qualify mechanism (sending OPTIONS and checking for timely responses), and send an AMI event reporting a device state change. However, that won’t tell you if the provider has been cut off from the PSTN, or the part of the PSTN local to the provider has been cut off from the part that you want to reach. It also wont tell you if Asterisk itself has crashed and failed to restart. That’s why you need to define exactly what constitutes the phone system having gone down.

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