How to create a dial plan to assign to a carrier from my VOIP provider

Hello everyone,

I have been assigned a line to make calls outside my PBX by a provider with some registration details. Now I have registered the line successfully on my PBX but I am not sure how to create a custom dial plan so that I can use my local extension 1000 to make calls outside through the provided line for eg 456788123. Is there any way or guide which I can refer to create custom dial plan on the GUI interface for the above mentioned purpose?

Why would you need a custom dial plan? Doesn’t the FreePBX one work for you?

The thing is I have been provided a new line with some number 456788123 but I want a user whom I have assigned an extension 1000 to be able to calls outside using this line. I am not sure how to do that on Free PBX using GUI.

Have you read the documentation on the outbound routes module? Just set an outbound route using for this extension to your trunk.

That is what the CID field is for in outbound routes.