How to copy one setting to another

Hi freepbx guru;
I have taunting agendas in preparing a working Freepbx server for emergency action reference;

  1. which folders and files need to copy to reproduce from the server.

  2. Making a list of modules and add-ons installed and need updating in the future (for now no one cares)

  3. Screen-capturing the GUI pages for certain settings.

This server is basically running separately from the grid, which means I have to personally sit in front of the terminal at the location to access it. So whenever something comes up, I don’t have a clue and find myself in need of a testing server.

I’ve got an another agenda, a little personal one as to help my development skills. I’d like to make various experiments under different situations by referring to the files and settings I prepare as above.

I’ve got my testing server hosted with a telecom company which uses Centrex. They offered to accommodate my server for minimum expenses and they don’t know about Freepbx. How come?? I don’t know.

So please can you give me an idea?

Thanks to you Dicko, I have signed up a series of courses at an IT bootcamp 50 miles from my home. It’s an intensive all-day weekend (Sun, Sat) class for a couple of months. I really appreciate your enlightening advice and hope that I stick around here long enough to spread the good deeds you have shown here.

As far as having the same config, you can setup the 2nd server as a warm spare

Anything to be added to the existing setup require lots of red tapes; it’s almost out of the question. What I hope to achieve is to orient myself to the file directories to point to for example /etc/my.cnf (mySQL setting), /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf for web server Apache settings, /var/www/html/conf/* for php sources, and such.
I hope I am not beating around the bush.

p.s. Just afterthought, I will have to retract what I said about ‘out of the question’ as reading the linked wiki gave me more than an idea. I have another question about the second server whether it needs prior installation with Freepbx or it can be any linux machine (or VM) with SSH daemon installed. (The wiki said the second server should have an identical Freepbx. Hmmm that’s a little tacky)

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