How to control an IP Phone remotely with Freepbx

Hi all,

Is there any way to answer and dial calls from a PC using a cisco IP Phone and asterisk?

I noticed that Cisco offers this feature, but you need Cisco Call call manager in order to use it.

What would I need to do to be able to achieve this?


I don’t understand the question. What do you mean “control the phone”

Do you simply want to use your PC to make calls? The Cisco softphone is available for download as well as other excellent sofphones such as the 3CX or Bria.

I want to be able to make and receive calls on my PC, but I don’t want to use a standalone softphone. I want it to be integrated and have it work with a physical handset.

I still don’t understand. A softphone is an application that emulates a phone on your PC. You can use any USB audio device for a headset or a handset (I have a Fiberdyne Labs USB phone with a display, keypad, handset and speakerphone that works with X10).

There is no such thing as a standalone softphone, that would he a hardphone.

See the below link for an example of what I want to be able to do

I don’t want to use a softphone, I don’t want to use a USB Audio device. I just want complete control of the phone remotely. I don’t know how I can explain it any further.

Never seen anything like that. Slick idea. If that is an important feature to you you will have to use a Cisco UC solution.

If you want to control specific functions on the screen or dial the phone the Aastra and Yealink phones have XML API’s that you could utilize. In fact you could create an application like this if you needed.

If you describe the application perhaps we can suggest a solution from applications we already have available to us.

I would really like a click and dial system, with a kind of attendant console on my PC. I don’t know if I’m being crazy but ideally I would also love to have blf working with it. Then just a way to answer calls and to dial calls. It doesn’t need to be more complicated then that.

If you have any suggestions that would be great. Otherwise, you might be right, I might have to just go through Cisco.

The voipintegration software seems to be designed for training, support, troubleshooting, etc., when the phone is not physically nearby. But, you also mentioned making and receiving calls on your PC, then talking on the physical handset.

When your phone rings, you pick it up and talk. What do you want the PC to do? Speak the caller’s name? Keep an on-screen log? When a customer calls, open his record in your CRM system? There are apps that do all those things, with no remote control needed. Asterisk simply calls your phone normally and sends call metadata to the PC.

If you want to make calls from your CRM or Outlook contacts, or dial a number from a web page, you don’t need remote control, either. Asterisk makes an “intercom” call to your phone, causing it to auto-answer, then transfers that call to your destination. For example, see .

If you really need to push specific buttons on the phone, please explain your application in some detail.

Stewart, don’t quite understand your response, he was clear in the second post.

Take a look at the iSymphony software. A limited license comes free with the distro. It allows click to dial, drag and drop transfer etc.