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How to connect sangoma phone to a company so can lodge RMA support ticket

(Storm Saich) #1

So I am currently trying to submit an RMA on a phone that was damaged in shipping, however, I can not currently do this as the device is not appearing as a registered product under the company.

Issue being I have no idea how to get the phones linked to the portal correctly (bought from sangoma portal) to happen given this scenario.

  • Under the customer company, no deployment is registered, and under the deployment, no phones are registered.
  • but in reverse, the phones are linked to the deployment and listed under phones in sangoma portal ( so can’t claim a product as its already claimed), and under the deployment, it is linked to a company.

Any help on where to go and how to start solving this problem would be much appreciated.

(Itzik) #2

Go to your phone list and adopt the MAC address

(Storm Saich) #3

Thanks, unfortunately when i go to the phone list in the portal, all phones are listed with mac addresses. I go ahead and claim the product any way via the mac address and receive a “Your organization already has access to this product.” message.

Is there some where else i am supposed to be looking as everything eventually directs me back to this page?

(Itzik) #4

Did you search for that MAC in that list?

I guess you’ll need to open a ticket with Sangoma.

(Lorne Gaetz) #5

I can’t understand what the problem is, but you should be able to open a ticket of type “Phone Hardware”. If for some reason that won’t work, open a ticket of type “Customer Service and Billing”.

(Storm Saich) #6

Thanks for the support guys, looks like there was a system delay in linking the account, pbx and phones together in the sangoma portal. This was preventing me selecting the appropriate hardware when trying to submit the RMA.