How to connect my FREEPBX box with Cisco VoIP Gateway


I have created 5 (SIP) extension in freepbx Box and I would like to interconnect with the others sip clients which have been registered on Cisco 2911XM.
I think that i must setup a “sip trunk” between FreePbx and CISCO.

At first, on FreePbx I will configure the following:
add sip trunk:

General Settings: Blank
Outgoing Dial Rules: Blank
Outgoing Settings:
trunk name: TO_CISCO_GW
peer details:

     Incoming Settings:blank

add outbound routes:

   everything BLANK except from fields
   Route Name:SIP_GW
   Dial Patterns: 0|.
   Trunk Sequence:To_CISCO_GW

add incoming route

Because i am newbie on FreePBX and i do not know exactly what i will have to configure on FreePBX, it would appreciated if someone could help me about the correct configuration.
Thank you in advance for your time

Maybe he doesn’t have any POTs or T1 Ports connected and has gone with a pure IP setup… regardless, it looks like he isn’t coming back to answer any more questions so it is a dead thread that was originally of curiosity to me. I’ll google further.


You are still not making any sense. What does “extensions communication” mean?

Why can’t you answer my question. Look at the back of the router and tell me what modules you have installed. You can also do an output of the “show inv” and “show ver” commands.

I have IP connectivity

I am lost -

I asked you what type of telephony ports are in your Cisco Gateway and you responded:

That response is non sequitur.

I need to know if you are trying to build trunks or extensions in the Cisco and what type of physical interfaces it has.

You also need IOS 12.4 for complete SIP support.

Basically, I want to build extensions communication between FreePbx and Cisco

Do you have FXS, FXO or a T1 voice interface in the Cisco?