How to connect freepbx-13/PJSIP+Sangoma Vega

I tested with Sangoma Vega gateway and FreePBX-13 chan_pjsip. There are some steps as below:

  1. Install FreePBX-13 distro version by the guild and using
    chan_pjsip instead of using chan_SIP
  2. Config the trunk, outbound and inbound from FreePBX-13

  3. Config Sangoma Vega to support Tone( you have to upload the tone for your contry) and callerid (in china ,fsk) and SIP trunk account:

  4. make test calls:

    make sure all connections are Avail!
    incoming calls

    call records for outbound and inconing calls.

I have done exactly this and I see this in the logfile:

[2018-03-24 14:35:41] WARNING[8593] res_pjsip_registrar.c: AOR ‘vega’ has no configured max_contacts. Endpoint ‘vega’ unable to register

I tried configuring max endpoints for the vega, but it made no difference.

Any ideas?

Have you set the Vega to register with the PBX?

ip address of the freepbx is set as domain, proxy and registrar in the Vega.
username and password set in vega and used in the trunk settings.

But no registrations recorded in the Vega or in the Freepbx endpoints.

Have you tried to use the new Vega module in FreePBX 14. It sets up the gateway for you.

Oh wow. hadn’t come across that. I’ll have a look now. But this is a Vega 50BRI, not listed in the compatible list there.

Looks like I have to upgrade from 14.01 to 14.02 to install it.

I find the Vega module when I check on line and get this:

Core module version 14.0.2 or higher is required, you have

I tried to upgrade-through the System Upgrade tab and I get:

No updates currently required!

(I even bought sysadminpro, but no success there)

Any suggestions?

You can upgrade to edge using:

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade core

But it wont help, you can’t config a 50 with the module.

In the end this was straightforward using current versions. Just needed to wipe details from the Quick setup in the vega before it would recognize the new details entered on the Sip page and allow registration to occur. Which is a pain because any changes in Quick setup mean a whole new config. But there you go.