How to connect dialogflow from google to freepbx?

How to connect dialogflow from google to freepbx?

I found this but i dont know how does it works GitHub - nimbleape/asterisk-dialogflow-rtp-audioserver

Ask the creator? Nimble Ape · GitHub

Is there any other way?

Are you running the additional server/software that is required?

Let’s start from the beginning. I want to create a voicebot on Asterisk that will propose a solution based on the prepared answers, and if it cannot help, it will transfer call to the queue. How to do it?

There are probably various ways this can be done but they would all revolved around the business logic/needs. You really haven’t given a lot to work with. Without a real scope, there’s no real answer for what way would be the best for this.

And based on what details we have now, that Github link isn’t close to what you want.

I want a bot that receives calls from customers, talks to them and provides answers to their questions (previously set in Google Dialogflow). If it cannot help, it links to the queue. Can this be done in freepbx? If yes, ow?

This functionality does not exist in FreePBX.

I mean an unofficial solution, e.g. made by the community

I have not seen such a thing, and usually people make things that fit their own needs. Sometimes that overlaps with your own, but often times it means you have to rewrite it or adapt it to your needs instead.

Hi We did it some years ago using unimrcp, It wasnt a trivial thing to do but it did work.

it proberbly could be done easier with chatGPT now, and have seen a few examples for Asterisk about

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